Our restoration work involves several processes in order to do a thorough job on our customer’s properties

1. Preparation

Removal of all dirt, mould, algae and loose paint by power-washing, wirebrushing, scraping or other mechanical method. Where appropriate, we treat surfaces with a biocide where growth has been removed.

masking up

2. Masking Up

The very first process is the protection of all doors, windows, paths and surrounding areas by masking-up with tape, heavy-duty paper, polythene and dust-sheets. Great care is taken to protect plants, bushes and lawns.


3. Restoration

We now repair all damaged surfaces. Render is removed and cracks hacked out. Previous unpainted brickwork can be bag-rubbed with an SBR mortar mix to disguise imperfections and retain natural brick appearance.

4. Priming

We now apply high performance base coats which are designed to be used on masonry surfaces and applied prior to the final application of the coating. This provides excellent adhesion and weatherproofing.

5. Application

Applied by using specialist spray equipment, the coating is sprayed onto the surfaces. A minimum of 1.2 litres is applied to every square metre. It’s textured finish helps conceal any repair work and dries to a beautiful finish.

Please note: The processes shown above may not apply to all installations. Please call us if you need more information.

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