Home Exterior Repair in Northampton

Do your walls need repairing and protecting?

If the exterior of your house has cracks or mould or damp we can help. We repair and restore each property and apply a special protection coating to your walls which bonds to produce a water repellent lining. This lining significantly reduces the absorption of water and water-borne contaminants. It also has excellent resistance to UV light and weathering. Different colours and coatings available.


The length of time it takes varies with each property. Most of our time goes into the preparation and carrying out the repairs to the rendering or pebbledash of your property so that the surface is as perfect as we can get it before applying the coatings.


The work that we do for you comes with a guarantee of up to 15 years, although the life expectancy of our coatings is often double that. If you live near Northampton and would like a free, no-obligation survey,  please add your details below and we will reply ASAP.


Finally let us mention that we have 35 years experience and 12,000 customers so far. Let us transform your home’s exterior.

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